Favorite color: Purple Favorite restaurant: Mexican Favorite places to shop: Ulta, TJ Max Favorite accessory: Earrings Favorite snack: Gummies Favorite drink: Water, coffee, or Body Armor Favorite Sports Team: Marshall Thundering Herd Top 2 Hobbies: Listening to music and playing Cornhole

- Music Teacher- Ms. Boothe


Favorite Color- violet Favorite Restaurant- Food and Friends Favorite Places to Shop- TJMaxx Favorite Accessory- shoes Favorite Snack- trail mix Favorite Drink- water Favorite Sports Team- My top 2 Hobbies are- painting and hiking/biking

- Art Teacher- Ms. Davis

mrs. lisa

Favorite Color- blue Favorite Restaurant- Anywhere as long as I don't have to cook Favorite Places to Shop- Amazon, Kohl's, TJ Max Favorite Accessory- Necklace Favorite Snack- Reese cup Favorite Drink- Water Hobbies- Mowing and reading

- Secretary- Mrs. Lisa

mrs. judy

Favorite Color- turquoise Favorite Restaurant- Yummy Japan Favorite Places to Shop- Sam's, Dollar General, Wal-Mart, Gabes Favorite Accessory- earings Favorite Snack-salt &vinegar almonds Favorite Drink-Water Favorite Sports Team- Mountaineers My top 2 Hobbies are- exercise and singing

- Principal- Mrs. Judy